For more information about what to expect from your physiotherapy appointment please read the information below.

Preparation for your appointment

If you have contacted and booked an appointment, you will be asked to provide some registration details. These details will form part of your client profile, which is a legal requirement. Your data is kept securely and not sent to third parties*.

Once registered you will be sent an email confirmation with details and information relevant to your appointment type.

During your initial appointment will can expect to be asked about your condition. You will be asked a thorough set of questions that will help to guide the assessment and to understand your individual needs and requirements. Following this the plan for a physical examination will be explained. In some instances this will be possible to conduct virtually. Sometimes this may not be possible, for example where an intimate examination is required.

If an intimate examination is required this will be explained in detail. Internal examinations can be daunting and your consent and comfort will guide the assessment at all times. If you do not wish to have an internal examination this is fine and other options will be explained and made available. Please do not let your worries of an internal assessment put you off attending.

After your appointment you will be issued with an individualised treatment plan and follow-up treatment will be planned if required.


Initial face-to-face appointment  - £70

Initial virtual consultation - £40

Follow-up consultation - £30

Acupuncture appointment - £45

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